Recent Publications

  • Jason Cory Brunson, Brandon Demkowicz, and Sanmati Choudhary, R Package ‘tdaunif’: Uniform Manifold Samplers for Topological Data Analysis (version 0.1.0)., (October 2020).
  • Kadelka, Claus, Benjamin Keilty, and Reinhard Laubenbacher. “Collectively Canalizing Boolean Functions.” ArXiv:2008.13741 [Cs, Math, q-Bio], October 5, 2020.
  • Sara K. Nutley, Lyvia Bertolace, Luis Sordo Vieira, Binh Nguyen, Ashley Ordway, Heather Simpson, Jessica Zakrzewski, Monica R. Camacho, Joseph Eichenbaum, Rachel Nosheny, Michael Weiner, R. Scott Mackin, Carol A. Mathews. Internet-based hoarding assessment: the reliability and predictive validity of the internet-based Hoarding Rating Scale, Self-Report, Psychiatry Research (2020). doi:
  • Matt Piekenbrock, Jason Cory Brunson, and Howard Hinnant. R Package ‘simplextree: Provides Tools for Working with General Simplicial Complexes’ (version 1.0.1)., R, (September 2020).
  • Atuegwu, Nkiruka C., Cheryl Oncken, Reinhard C. Laubenbacher, Mario F. Perez, and Eric M. Mortensen. “Factors Associated with E-Cigarette Use in U.S. Young Adult Never Smokers of Conventional Cigarettes: A Machine Learning Approach.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17, no. 19 (January 2020): 7271.