About Us


The Laboratory for Systems Medicine strives to improve human health via the development of mathematical algorithms and innovative data science solutions.

Working in the Lab

The Laboratory for Systems Medicine was established in 2020 as an initiative funded by the Department of Medicine and the Office of the President of UFHealth. The overarching focus is the development and application of mathematical and computational technology for the improvement of human health. Interests include multi-scale modeling and control of disease processes, systems biology, and computational immunology. We are highly collaborative, maintaining and seeking partnerships with clinical, basic science, computational, and private sector labs and entities. Our expertise includes the development of mechanistic and data-driven multi-scale models of disease-relevant processes, model-driven control and optimization problems, and cutting-edge data science methods applied to high-dimensional data from the molecular to the patient scale.

Open Positions

We are expanding our research program in computational systems medicine with one position each at the tenured fulltenured associate, and tenure-track assistant professor level.