Dr. Francesco Pappalardo

Francesco Pappalardo

Date: October 27, 2022 @ 9:30

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Pappalardo

Affiliation: University of Catania, Italy

Title: Universal Immune System Simulator applied to respiratory infectious diseases

Abstract: The main target of biomedical world when dealing with an infection disease is to understand its biological dynamics and to find a way to cure it. The lecture will provide a general overview of infection disease modelling dynamics, the strong involvement of the immune system modelling and an agnostic view of the main types of mathematical methodologies to model, with different perspective and targets, applications that help in the understanding and cure of infectious diseases. Moreover, it will be presented the computational framework of the EC funded STriTuVaD project as a working example. Lastly, I very briefly introduce the regulatory issues and barriers that in silico trials are facing with. A critical overview of the most important milestones that the main regulatory agencies (EMA and FDA) reached will be also discussed.