Dr. Rachel Clipp


Date: November 28, 2023

Venue: Zoom

Speaker: Dr. Rachel Clipp

Affiliation: Kitware Inc, Medical Computing Team

Title: Towards a Human Physiological Digital Twin with the Pulse Physiology Engine

Abstract: The Pulse Physiology Engine is an open source computational physiology engine. It was originally developed to provide accurate and consistent patient physiological data to medical simulation and training products. This provided the opportunity to increase realism and improve consistency across instructors and institutions. Pulse has been further developed to implement and integrate multiscale models for an individualized whole-body predictive patient physiology model. The engine originally incorporated existing and novel models of organs and physiological systems into a whole-body model of a single generic individual within a reference population.We have recently improved patient-specificity by incorporating patient-specific parameters needed to create a digital twin. These parameters are used to modify baseline model parameters to achieve the physiological responses and homeostatic state for the specified patient. Previously, a “standard” male and a “standard” female patient have been validated at both an organ level (flow, pressures, volumes, and substance values) and a system level (heart rate, respiration rate, tidal volume, mean arterial pressure). However, to accurately represent a digital twin, demonstrated validation for a range of patients is required. Recent experiments have demonstrated success in this area. The goal of this presentation is to share the core modeling mechanisms in the Pulse Physiology Engine (https://pulse.kitware.com/) and the progress towards a human physiological digital twin.