Dr. Stephan Schmidt

Stephan Schmidt

Date: January 31, 2023

Venue: Pulmonary Conference Room (M449)

Speaker: Dr. Stephan Schmidt

Affiliation: Center For Pharmacometrics And Systems Pharmacology, University of Florida

Title: Empowering Translational Research Through Data Integration

Abstract: With increased regulatory burden and high expectations from prescribers and patients, it is no longer cost- nor time-effective to tackle all open questions experimentally. As a result, an increasing number of decisions is informed by modeling and simulation approaches, which integrate all available knowledge in a quantitative and objective manner. At the same time, the rapid increase in the amount and diversity of knowledge provides an opportunity for integrating data across traditional scientific boundaries resulting in interdisciplinary research endeavors. During my talk, I will highlight some of these opportunities and provide two case examples that integrate quantitative clinical pharmacology and real-world evidence approaches to answer clinically relevant questions in the area of women’s health and cardiovascular safety.