Dr. Thomas Woolley

Thomas Woolley

Date: October 13, 2022 @ 9:30

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Woolley

Affiliation: Cardiff University

Title: The Power of Noise

Abstract: One of the problems of Turing patterning is the Robustness Problem. Namely, small changes to the input condition can lead to large changes in the output pattern. Beautiful work by Edmund Crampin showed that uniform domain growth could remove this problem. However, all of this understanding (and more) rests on the system being deterministic. What happens when we add biologically realistic, intrinsic noise? Well, everything breaks down. We once again have the Robustness Problem and we must question whether robust patterning is at all possible. Coupling techniques from weak-noise expansions and discrete Fourier transforms I demonstrate different methods of growth can support robust pattern development, as well show that additional noise is not the destructive force that we may first consider.