Van Thuy Truong

Dr. Van Thuy Truong

Date: May 24, 2022 @ 10am EDT

Speaker: Van Thuy Truong, PhD Candidate

Affiliation: AstraZeneca

Title: Comparison of ODE and Agent-Based Approaches to Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Models

Abstract: Mathematical models in oncology aid in the design of drugs and understanding of their mechanisms of action by simulation of drug biodistribution, drug effects, and interaction between tumor and healthy cells. The traditional approach in pharmacometrics is to develop and validate ordinary differential equation models to quantify trends at the population level. In this approach, time- course of biological measurements is modeled continuously, assuming a homogenous population. Another approach, agent- based models, focuses on the behavior and fate of biological entities at the individual level, which subsequently could be summarized to reflect the population level. Heterogeneous cell populations and discrete events are simulated, and spatial distribution can be incorporated.

In this talk, I will give a simple example on how to build an agent-based model and compare it to an ordinary differential equation model for a tumor efficacy model inhibiting the pERK pathway. Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of each approach will be highlighted.