Dr. Wenrui Hao

Dr. Wenrui Hao 

Date: Tuesday March 12, 2024 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Speaker: Wenrui Hao, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Penn State

Title: Harness computational modeling to understand biomedical diseases

Abstract: Computational and mathematical modeling have become critical tools to understand biomedical disease progression and predict effective treatments. In this talk, I will introduce two recently developed modeling approaches for biomedical diseases, one is pathophysiology-driven modeling, and the other is data-driven modeling. The former is used when the pathophysiology of such a disease is well known. As an example, a mathematical model of lung fibrosis, based on this modeling approach, provides clinical treatment suggestions. The second modeling approach is used to learn the mathematical model based on clinical data when the pathophysiology of a particular disease is not well understood. I will use Alzheimer’s disease as an example to illustrate the idea of this modeling approach and apply it to personalized treatment studies of aducanumab, a recently FDA-approved Alzheimer’s medication.