Dr. Xiwei Tang


Date: March 29, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Xiwei Tang

Affiliation: University of Virginia

Title: Individualized Multi-directional Variable Selection

Abstract: In this paper we propose a heterogeneous modeling framework which achieves individual-wise feature selection and individualized covariates’ effects subgrouping simultaneously. In contrast to conventional model selection approaches, the new approach constructs a separation penalty with multi-directional shrinkages, which facilitates individualized modeling to distinguish strong signals from noisy ones and selects different relevant variables for different individuals. Meanwhile, the proposed model identifies subgroups among which individuals share similar covariates’ effects, and thus improves individualized estimation efficiency and feature selection accuracy. Moreover, the proposed model also incorporates within-individual correlation for longitudinal data to gain extra efficiency. We provide a general theoretical foundation under a double-divergence modeling framework where the number of individuals and the number of individual-wise measurements can both diverge, which enables inference on both an individual level and a population level. In particular, we establish strong oracle property for the individualized estimator to ensure its optimal large sample property under various conditions. An efficient ADMM algorithm is developed for computational scalability. Simulation studies and applications to post-trauma mental disorder analysis with genetic variation and an HIV longitudinal treatment study are illustrated to compare the new approach to existing methods.