Forum On Precision Immunology: Immune Digital Twins


Each of the two days consists of two 3-hour blocks, plus an hour. Each block consists of three panelists plus a moderator. Each panelist gives a 20-minute presentation, followed by 40 minutes of discussion.

The discussion will revolve around a preselected set of issues that the panelists will be asked to address.

Day 1: Morning track

8:30am-9am: Introduction by Reinhard Laubenbacher

9am-12pm: IDTs in infectious diseases

Moderator: Reinhard Laubenbacher, University of Florida

Day 1: Afternoon track

2pm-5pm: The data used for IDTs

Moderator: Tom Helikar, PhD, University of Nebraska

5pm-6pm: Discussion on funding models for immune digital twin projects

6pm-9pm: Drinks and banquet

Day 2: Morning track

9am-12pm: IDTs in cancer

Moderator: Fred Adler, PhD, University of Utah

Day 2: Afternoon track

2pm-5pm: Modeling methods and community building

Moderator: Gary An, MD, University of Vermont

5pm-6pm: Discussion about community resources

6pm-9pm: Drinks and dinner