Jason Cory C Brunson

Jason Cory C Brunson,

Research Assistant Professor

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About Jason Cory C Brunson

Cory Brunson is a Research Assistant Professor at the Laboratory for Systems Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. His primary research focus is on mathematical data science applications to patient stratification and outcomes research. Other projects involve the use of graph theory in image analysis and signal transduction modeling, quantitative analysis of scientific research output, and mathematical and statistical software development. Other research interests include feature extraction from complex data and research reproducibility, and specific mathematical interests include geometric statistics and computational topology.

Dr. Brunson completed a PhD program in Mathematics at Virginia Tech in 2013 and taught as an Adjunct Professor in Mathematics at Radford University in 2014. He then undertook two postdoctoral appointments in the Center for Quantitative Medicine at UConn Health, including a postdoc track with the NIDCR-funded T90 research training program on skeletal, craniofacial and oral biology, before joining the Laboratory for Systems Medicine at UF Health. During this time he has contributed to a wide range of disciplines—including the history of mathematics, scientometry, social network analysis, categorical data visualization, and systems medicine—and mentored student researchers and interns at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school level.

Research Profile

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Areas of Interest
  • Biomedical informatics
  • Health outcomes research
  • Mathematical data science
  • Phenomenological modeling
  • Research Reproducibility
  • Statistical methods


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Postdoctoral Fellow
2017-2020 · UConn Health
Postdoctoral Fellow
2014-2017 · Center for Quantitative Medicine, UConn Health
2013 · Virginia Tech

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(352) 273-5902