Predicting Populations At-Risk of Developing Pathological Hoarding

Luis Sordo Vieira, Ph.D., Carol A. Mathews M.D.

Hoarding Disorder (HD), recognized as an independent illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for less than a decade, is a debilitating psychiatric disorder with profound socioeconomic impacts. Emerging data shows that hoarding severity correlates with substantial medical burden. Prevalence of clinically significant hoarding behavior is estimated to be between 2 and 4%, with a higher burden in the older population. However, it is believed that hoarding disorder is underdiagnosed. The parent R01MH117114 combines in-person clinical, neuropsychological, and medical frailty assessments with a unique resource, the online Brain Health Registry (BHR), to assess the extent of disability in older adults suffering with hoarding symptoms. We will apply statistical inference and techniques from artificial intelligence to identify predictors of various trends of hoarding symptomatology to find predictors of developing severe hoarding symptoms.



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R01 MH117114-03S2: Predicting Populations At-risk of Developing Pathological Hoarding